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A Source of Joy

 When I was a very little girl, my most cherished possession was a jar of macaroni beads of different shapes and colors. I strung them and wore them proudly. I was crushed when the neighborhood bully smashed the jar, and I remember crying as my beads were swept up and thrown out with the glass shards. How I missed them.

Many years later, some wonderful beadwork appeared on the cover of Ornament magazine. My passion was rekindled. I had to learn to create figures with tiny beads. Luck was with me. Joyce Scott, who had made those incredible figures, came to Seattle to teach, and I was there waiting for her. I am not certain who I would be today if I did not have my beadwork.

I have been asked frequently how I find the time to bead. The answer always is: "I make the time. I must do it."

I have had the good fortune to visit Kenya and Tanzania a  number of times, to bead with the Maasai women. Their work on the walls of my studio is a constant inspiration. My beadwork has been published in The Corning New Glass Review, The Best in Contemporary Beadwork, Myths and Folk Tales, Beadwork Up Close, and 500 Beaded Figures. It has been shown at The Fuller Craft Museum, The Dairy Barn Cultural Art Center, The New York City Museum of Art and Design, and The Arkansas Art Center.

Most of my beadwork tends to be whimsical. My pieces are detail oriented, mainly three dimensional and sculptural in design. I never use a computer or a graph.  Each piece is its own unique challenge, an invitation to further explore my medium and, above all, like my macaroni beads, a source of joy.

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